Cuteness overloaded on Instagram! Victoria shares pictures of her daughter with a cute cat!


    Well, having pets is a whole different thing, and we all know how much they excite us!
    Recently, Victoria got a cute, fluffy, grey cat for her eight-year-old daughter.

    She revealed how much her daughter is in love with the cute little cat. On Instagram stories, she shared some photos of her daughter with the cat with the caption, “Harper is in love X,” Victoria wrote on the snap. She also shared her picture, kissing u the cat and captioning it, “Kisses.” She looked happy too.

    David also wished his daughter Happy Birthday writing a beautiful message, “What more can daddy say other than I love you so much little girl and please stop growing up. Your smile melts all our hearts.” It is also very special for Victoria as, Harper shares her birthday with Victoria’s uncle, Christian Adams. This year it was a big one, as Victoria’s younger brother celebrates his 40th.

    Harper looked very beautiful with her new friend. They both were captured amazingly and just made the picture cuter.

    As Victoria shared this picture on Instagram as a story, fans started pouring comments, and many of them said Harper looks so much like Victoria. Well, we couldn’t get more with them, surely this cute little munchkin resembles a lot with Victoria.

    As we all know, Victoria is a style icon and a super mommy. And this super mommy never fails to surprise us.

    With this new arrival of a cute fluffy cat, it’s said it is her friend’s cat, but we can’t stop dwelling over their pictures.