Dakota Johnson and Chris Martin Parted Their Way But Why? Who Are Their New Partners?


    In the recent past, we came across the rumors that claimed that the actress Dakota Johnson and singer Chris Martin are in loggerheads and on the verge of split up. The rumors are getting a confirmation when we go by a close friend’s remark of the couple. While Chris Martin closeness with singer Dua Lipa and Dakota’s extreme friendliness with Chris’s ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow are the other things clearly speaking about the uncoupling.

    Credit: Dailyvoice

    The Sun quoted one of the couple’s friend’s saying asThere was the talk of engagement but now he says they have gone their separate ways, which has come as a real surprise to everyone.”

    Like fans, the friends of the couple seem more surprising as it was also reported by the friend that “Chris and Dakota were very easygoing and always seemed really happy together.”

    The Reason For Their Spil up

    The reason behind the split up is not confirmed yet. But it is reported that the Fifty Shades of Gray actress has a contrary view that doesn’t match with his partner. Notably, the Coldplay singer wants to have a child while Dakota doesn’t want to go with the line. She wants to focus on her career. Well, if this is true then it is the end of their love story that worked for almost 18 months.

    Dakota is Hanging Out With Chris Martin’s Ex

    Dakota was recently seen enjoying with Chris’s ex-wife Gwyneth from whom he announced the split-up in 2014. The photo of the ladies’ hang out came as a shock to many as this is something rare we have seen.


    Chris Martin Kissed Dua Lipa?

    Recently, Martin also shows the sign of his break up with Dakota. Reportedly, at the Glastonbury Festival, the singer spotted while kissing Dua with whom he had a collaboration in 2017 for the song ‘Homesick’. Even since 2017, we have seen them flirting with each other. Dua Lipa also seems to enjoy after her recent break up with Model and Chef Isaac Carew.

    Chris Martin and Dua Lipa Performing Togther, Image Credit: YouTube
    Chris Martin and Dua Lipa Performing Together, Image Credit: YouTube

    But Chris representatives claimed that “Contrary to reports in some press today, we would like to confirm that Chris and Dua did not kiss at Glastonbury and are just friends.”

    Now, the confirmation to the rumors is still not reported from either Dakota or Martin. Will they move on to their parted ways or have an agreement to walk together is something we can’t ascertain.