Daniel Radcliffe Broke Down Into Tears And Felt Devastated After Reading His Great-Great Grandfather Suicide Note.


    Daniel Radcliffe is one of the finest actors in Hollywood. Everyone all around the world praises and respects this 29-year-old veteran actor for his work.  The actor who played the iconic character of Harry Potter in Harry Potter franchise is of Jewish from his mother side. But, the actor hasn’t been much associated with being Jewish nor treated accordingly.

    But the things were not pretty same for his great-grandfather. He was treated unnaturally for being Jews that ended up taking his life. Samuel Gershon, Radcliffe’s great-grandfather, took his life in 1936 after Hatton Garden jewelry business heist. The 42-year-old had given a lot to set up the family jewelry business back in time in London, only to be poverty-stricken.

    A robbery took place at the Hatton Garden jewelry, and they were greatly distressed. Gershon and his father tried to smooth things up, but unfortunately, anti-Semitic police came in their way, and everything got worse. The anti-Semitic accused Gershon and his father for faking the robbery so that they would get the insurance reimbursement. But the matter of fact, no evidence supported Gershon’s faked the theft, but they could not save their business.

    After the Gershons were as financially shattered, Samuel Gershon killed himself and left a suicide note. The same note is given to Daniel Radcliffe to read out, and the 29-year-old actor couldn’t control himself, felt devastated, and cried.

    BBC One is bringing a new show Who Do You Think You Are from Monday 22 July. Radcliffe was provided with police reports and suicide note on this heritage show to the readout. The actor said, ‘Everything he had worked for and that his father had worked for, has sort of been destroyed.’ The actor was also dismayed to read that Jews are themselves responsible for destroying their own business. The actor cried a lot while reading, MetroUK confirms.