Daniel Radcliffe was in tears after reading his grandfather’s suicide note


    Harry Potter famous star Daniel Radcliffe broke down in lot of tears after he read the suicide note left by his great grandfather.

    In an interview during a British documentary series, Who Do You Think You Are? Radcliffe was told about his great grandfather’s struggle and reason that he gave up on his life and took the drastic step. He was told that his great grandfather, Louis Gershon, who had a family jewellery business in London’s Hatton garden got 3000€ worth of jewellery stolen from his store in the infamous Hatton Garden heist in 1936. Furthermore, the police tried to pin the crime on Gershon as he was facing bankruptcy at that time and intended to submit an insurance claim. Due to this, the police believed that it was a fraudulent insurance claim and that Gershon had a part in the heist. The allegations made about him took Greshon to the brink of despair as he took his life when he was just 42.

    SOURCE: The Times

    Radcliffe read the note written by his ancestor, which was address to his wife who he lovingly called doll. The note called the wife his Angel and assured that, to leave a girl like his wife was more than a wrench. The official police report from the time said that jews are frequently responsible for bringing down their own business. This was read aloud by an emotional Radcliffe as he was hurting by the fact that officials presumed his grandfather to be guilty just because he was Jewish. The actor also said that it was jarring to see a jew to be taken as a piece of evidence in itself.

    Radcliffe wished that his great grandfather did not take the drastic step even if he was guilty. He added that one should reach into the past and go, no matter what you are going to, there are people around you who would have still loved you.