DARK Season 1&2 is the Best Science-Frictional Series on Netflix?


    First German-language Netflix original series “DARK” released on 1st December 2017 is a sci-fi thriller Web series one can easily watch and fall in love with. This is based on time travel, started in 2019 but set in the 1980s when children start disappearing from one of the towns in Germany.

    The season was a total blast bringing light to the fractured relationships, double lives, dark past of four families and mystery that spans three generations. The story not only takes you to 1980s but also to 1953 where they find many top secrets about the town and tries to find the lost children.

    DARK Season 2 is the Best Science-Frictional Series on Netflix?

    The series follows Jonas Kahnwald, a teenager who is struggling to cope up with his father’s suicide and police officer Ulrich Nielsen whose brother had disappeared 33 years earlier and also chief Charlotte Doppler.

    The story all over give thrills that what will happen next and then will provide you with a chill and suddenly will take you another world where you will be questioned that what is going on?
    Season 2 will be releasing on 21st of June 2019 on Netflix at 12:00 am. Fans are deadly waiting for it, and the good news is that season 3 will be the final season.

    DARK Season 2 is the Best Science-Frictional Series on Netflix?

    As at the end of season 1 Jonas traveled into postapocalyptic wasteland thus the action of season 2 will be devoted to the understanding of exactly what happened to precipitate the apocalypse of 2052 hinted during the climax of season 1.

    As the characters are stuck in time travel and are changing the history and future of humanity, many questions are to be answered in this season. Season two will also add new time levels and characters that will be played by Sylvester Groth, Winfried Glatzedar and Sandra Borgman.

    In 2020 we are expecting final season, season 3 of DARK.