David Hedison Passes Away at 92 with his Lovely Memories!


    David Hedison passes away at 92. He passed away in Los Angeles keeping his daughters aside on Thursday.

    His daughters said the most real thing about him, and they say our father loved us dearly and expressed that love every day. He was adored by so many, all of who benefitted from his warm and generous heart.

    His daughters loved him way too much. David lost his wife in 2016, Bridget who was a production associate on Dynasty and an assistant to the producer on The Colby’s.
    David was known for his fantastic acting skills, which made him one of its kind. David was a phenomenal actor and has acted in several films and was all active on the screens.

    David has done various works in the Hollywood Industry. He also worked only in the films but was also a very known face of the television. He has done roles like She wrote, Murder, Perry Mason, The A-Team, TJ Hooker, Crazy Like A Fox. The Fall Guy, The Love Boat, The Saint and The Hart to Hart.

    He is popularly also known for his roles in the James Bond franchise. He became the first actor to play the role of CIA agent Felix Leiter twice. He is also known for Live and Let Die, the 1973 film as well as Timothy Dalton with License to Kill in 1989.

    Alexandra and Serena this week said that, even in their deep sadness, they are comforted by the memory of their wonderful father. Well, this is sad.

    David was a very modest man, and he will continue to entertain us with the amazing work he has done. No doubt he won’t be missed.

    All the strength to his daughters to stay strong.