“Days Gone” 2nd free DLC Challenge has Unlocked! It’s You VS. Wave After Wave of Marauders


    Days Gone’s second DLC challenge has been unlocked, and fans loved it very much. In this second challenge, you have to deal with waves of human Marauder enemies. You have to survive by analyzing their surroundings and finding the best place to play overtime.

    You have to gather up items that are dropped so that it can help you to survive in the game. Apart from surroundings, players have to use their brains pretty much as well as the enemies’ weapon to survive. You have to defeat a required number of enemy waves to complete the challenge.

    Days Gone is an action-adventure game for Play Station 4. SIE Bend Studio develops it and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 4. This phenomenal survival horror video game was released on April 26, 2019.

    "Days Gone" 2nd free DLC Challenge has Unlocked! It's You VS. Wave After Wave of Marauders

    In the first week, you can compete with your friends via online leaderboards. By this, you can earn medals. If you complete the challenge, you will acquire currency that you can invest in the game for your advantages. For example, boosting up items may be your first choice after earning that sum.

    The developer of the game wrote on its official social media handle, “The 2nd free #DaysGone DLC challenge has unlocked! It’s you VS. Wave after wave of Marauders. Hold out as long as possible by utilizing stealth and the weapons dropped by your enemies in “Survive.”

    Bend Studio has announced that they will be releasing such challenges in the game every week for 12 weeks. This will certainly make the players glued to the game.