Days of Our Lives: All The Spoilers For The Week of July 15


    If you are the anticipating kind of a fan of the longest-running Soap Opera, Days of Our Lives or the DOOL, who can’t wait what next will happen in this fantastic daytime soap opera then congratulations, you are now exploded with loads of spoilers for upcoming days.

    Psst.. if you don’t want to get spoiled! Fair warning, Spoiler ahead!

    Days of our lives

    Days of Our Lives have been airing on NBC almost every weekday since November 8, 1965, and there are 13,630 as of July 5, 2019. Sony Pictures Television distributes the show and here are the spoilers for upcoming days.

    When DOOL returns for Monday’s episode on July 15, Xander is arrested!  Nicole starts to make a move on Brady. Abe will hear the good news of Lani and Eli. Stefan faced a sucker-punch.

    On July 16, Ted is trying his best to throw Hope into an off track. Eric envisages a significant change. Gabi develops a doubt that Nicole is actually behind Stefan’s troubles. Xander draws revenge on Kristen.

    Gabi who has suspicion over Nicole, now has freakish encounter. Brady tries to get rid of Xander from Titan. Jennifer makes an impassioned speech to Jack expressing about the person he used to be. Gabi stresses Kate to come clean on Wednesday’s episode.

    So, for Thursday, July 18, Hope and Ted share a romantic kiss. Will makes a disturbing discovery. The cat and mouse game between Xander and Kristen has started. Jennifer concludes to move on from Jack.

    On Friday, Ciara hurls to find her mother kissing Ted. Susan hits Brady after Will and Sonny experiencing déjà vu with the real Susan. Xander and Gabi clash with each other.