DC Universe Gifts Adult DC Fans With Harley Quinn TV Show at SDCC 2019


    San Diego Comic-Con 2019 is running, and this has been excited and surprised. DC Universe is also shining, and we have a special screening from the DC Universe in this Comic-Con. DC Universe thrilled all their fans with something new, the first episode of the Harley Quinn TV show! With the announcements of renewal of Titans, Doom Patrol, and Young Justice the DC fans were all hyped and excited, but with this new episode, DC added more enthusiasm in their fans.

    This new DC Universe energised arrangement is made for grown-ups, denoting a fascinating blend between conventional DC Animation fans love, and the fierce and mind-boggling R-Rated sequences.

    Fair Warning: This Harley Quinn TV show! Is mainly aimed for the adult DC fans and yes all the kids out there, please stay out of it. Harley Quinn is devoting some portion of its endeavours to pulling Harley away from Joker and setting up her as her very own autonomous female character. With some viciousness for sure. This Harley Quinn Show is somewhat the “Deadpool” of DC Universe.

    The fans who attended were lucky to watch the Harley Quinn, but we have to wait till October to watch the outrageous adventure of the clown prince of Gotham City. Kaley Cuoco. The former Big Bang Theory star voices the ex-girlfriend of Joker and both enemy and ally of Cap Crusader, The Batman. She is also serving as the executive producer of the animated series.