Dead To Me Season 2 is confirmed coming to Netflix. Here’s the release date that is being rumored


    The dark comedy series Dead To Me will be back with a season 2. The series is created by Liz Feldman and is the best so far this season on Netflix. Dark comedy is nothing new but the series is called ‘traumedy’ by the viewers. Jen and Judy become friends at a grief support group. They both land up here because of some great sense of loss. With new details coming in view, their friendship comes into doubt. The series focuses on grief with a humorous aspect, and viewers are hoping for a new season.

    The Renewal

    After the premiere of season 1, Netflix ordered season 2. Season 1 didn’t suffice the story; it is indeed necessary for Netflix to give viewers a new season to provide a conclusion if Netflix does not plan to continue beyond the second season.

    Release Date

    The second season will be out in 2020. It will be continuing from the revelation. What will Jen do? Jen’s life becomes topsy turvy after her husband’s death. She gets the information that her new best friend Judy is behind this hit and run case. Jen kills Steve and turns to Judy for help. Will they be able to cover up his death or not? Will Jen change her heart after this? Will she accept Judy back?

    Dead To Me Season 2 will show their complicated journey. Jen’s children are her priority, but Steve’s death will surely leave her distressed. She will need Judy’s support to get over it.