Death of Vinnie Jones’s Wife- Tanya Jones Dead At The Age of 53


    Popular British Actor Vinnie Jones’ met with an unfortunate accident in his life. The love of his life, his beloved wife Tanya Jones is no more. The 53-year-old lady heaved her last sigh last Saturday at their residence in Los Angeles. Vinnie and his daughter, along with family other members, witnessed the tragic death of Tanya.



    Vinnie Jones, the former footballer, also revealed more details about the death. In a statement, he said that his wife passed away at the local time at 8.46 a.m on July 6 Saturday. Tanya was suffering from a long illness, and finally, the lady had her last breath.

    Vinnie has personally requested the media to give them the utmost privacy in their difficult time. It is indeed a very tough phase for the family to cope with Tanya’s demise. Let this terrible phase be gone soon.

    The Couple

    Vinnie and Tanya tied their knot in 1994. The duo has a son Aaron. Tanya also has a daughter from her former husband named Kaley. The couple has made various public appearances together and no doubt how happy they look with each other.

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    Even in an interview in 2017, Vinnie expressed his love for his beloved, and he admitted that Tanya is an incredible person. He also said that they are perfect for each other.

    However, both of them were diagnosed with skin cancer in 2013. They were under treatment.

    Tanya’s Illness

    Tanya was reported to have cervical cancer. At the age of 21, she even underwent an emergency heart transplant surgery. Tanya was suffering from this serious for a long time.

    A source confirmed that Tanya’s health has been deteriorating quite a lot in the past two or three weeks, which led to this fatal death of hers.

    Vinnie and his family members are devastated by this. It is a heartbreaking moment for them.

    Wishes For Her

    Stars expressed their condolences over the death of Tanya Jones on social media. Piers Morgan wrote that Tanya was a delightful woman and a true fighter. Frank Bruno also expressed his grief.

    We hope your soul rests in peace Tanya.