Man Who Killed his ‘Toddler Daughter’ and told Mom that “Now You’ll Have to Live With It”


    A man who killed her toddler daughter and said to her mom that “now you will have to live with it” is now sentenced for the death penalty.

    Let’s Know What All Happened

    Lionel Francis shot his daughter, Alexandria back in May 2016. The shooting happened at the house of the family after he had a minor argument with the child’s mother and his wife about money.

    The child’s mother, Ashley Ross, revealed during the trial that after arguing with Francis, she went for a shower and was getting dressed while Alexandria was toddling around the room. Then, she said, Francis entered the room.

    Death Penalty for Man Who Killed Toddler Daughter and Told Mom, 'Now You’ll Have to Live With' It

    According to her statement and evidence, she said that he didn’t look angry. When she looked away, she heard him cock and then he fired a gun, shooting their daughter in the forehead.

     “Now you’ll have to live with what you made me do,” – Francis said this to Rose

    Ross asked him if he was going to kill her as well, but he replied he wouldn’t kill her, but that he “wasn’t going to have a baby with her, either.”

    On Thursday judge made the decision after voting that Francis has killed his biological daughter. And sentenced his death penalty for the murderer.

    “I cannot think of anyone more deserving than somebody that executes another human being, let alone a child, let alone a toddler, let alone his own biological two-year-old, If you think that some people just deserve death, this is the guy.” – Madison County Assistant District Attorney Tim Douthit