Dee Dee Blanchard murderer case : the Hulu original series “The Act”

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    The original series by “Hulu” named “the act” that is based on the true story of Dee Dee Blanchard’s murder case. Where her daughter Gypsy Rose killed her with his online boyfriend, Godejohn. Two more documentaries have made on the story, “Mommy dead and dearest” by HBO in 2017 and “Gypsy’s Revenge” in 2018.

    First, before taking this story as a murder case where the daughter kills her mother, one should learn why she did so. In this story, the attention gaining part is that everyone is involved in the crime, directly and indirectly, no one is right.

    What is the story?

    Dee Dee Blanchard aka Claudine, whose body is found in her own room. (She changed her name after she got accused of poising her own mother’s food) On the bed she was stabbed dead, lying on the blood pool on 15th of June, 2015. Her daughter or say disabled daughter who was suffering from many chronic diseases like Leukemia, asthma, muscular dystrophy’s and had mental capability as a seven-year-old kid. Gypsy Rose was missing. According to Dee Dee, these all diseases were a result of some mutation as she is a case of premature birth.

    All the reports and birth certificates that were stating the facts of the diseases mentioned were destroyed in Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Thus they had no factual proofs but had Gypsy a live one. Dee Dee was using all the resources she was getting on the name of her disabled daughter and being a single mother as his husband had already left her.

    They got free home, free treatments, and open entertainment sources with much more luxurious look by many institutes that claim to help the needy one.

    The act
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    The truth

    Gypsy claims that she was never suffering from any of the diseases. She and her online boyfriend she met both accept that they killed Dee Dee. Their reasons are that she abused her daughter and also faked her diseases. Doctors say it as a Munchausen syndromes were the undertaker or parents false the disorders of the child by exaggerating, fabricating and inducing them.

    Rose herself didn’t know about her real age as her mother always told her that she is 14-15. Rose ran away with Nicholas Godejohn, and they both were caught in Winston. He got accused of lifetime prison under 1stdegree murder and Gypsy for 10years under 2nd-degree murder.

    One more series

    Now Hulu released the story as “The Act”. The role of Gypsy is being portrayed by King Joey, who is an American actress. The 19-year-old have done many jobs in the industry. Joey is nominated for Emmy awards for her role in the act.

    On this nomination, according to one of the close family members of the Gypsy family revealed about the thoughts of her on the same. He explained that she is happy for Joey, but they are never going to meet as the show is not entirely portraying the truth.

    Also, she never had this much sex with Nicholas, as shown in the series, and her mother tied her only once on the bed when she tried to escape in 2011 for the first time. As per Gypsy’s thinking if she meets Joey King that it makes it all true that she never wants.

    Somehow this statement shows that she still loves her mother somewhere in her heart or she goes with truth and doesn’t like exaggerating things. In this, Joey replied that she believes in Gypsy and her story. Only wants to take this to a bigger platform so that everyone can learn about her.

    See the trailer and series is released on Hulu from 20th of March,2019.