Designated Survivor Season 4 Latest News, Release Date, Plot and More


    Today marks one month since Tom Kirkman won his second term in office.

    ABC and now Netflix’s political drama, Designated Survivor’s Season 3 was certainly a blast. And the finale left fans with some burning questions. But the most pertinent one still remains- when will we see Season 4?

    And we’ve got updates.

    Designated Survivor Season 4: A Release Date

    Netflix hasn’t officially confirmed the series’ renewal yet. But never fear, for that takes up to months sometimes. And there are positive markers. Season 3 was a big hit overseas and is still at the top of the UK’s streaming list.

    A renewal announcement could come any day now. So, stay glued to your phones! When renewed, we can probably expect a summer of 2020 release date for the new season.

    Season 4: What Will The Plot Address

    Season 3 saw Tom go all dirty-politician. Considering that the finale ended on that note, we can expect some more of his internal moral conflict coming soon. Will Tom Kirkman still be an honest people’s president? Or will we see more of his poll-driven decision making getting things done? It remains the biggest question for the character and the show.

    Moreover, we’ll see what Isabel decides to do in the wake of her pregnancy. Isabel and Aaron broke up at the end and what complicates matters, is that they still have to work together as VP/Deputy Chief of Staff.

    We might also see some more important issues thrust into the spotlight. Season 3 started a conversation about transgenders, AIDS, mugging, immigration and more, and Season 4 will probably keep that up.

    The Cast

    Well, we can’t have designated survivor without Kiefer Sutherland. Adan Canto(Aaron), Elena Tovar (Isabel) and Anthony Edwards (Mars Harper) will also hopefully return. While we did see Penny(Mckenna Grace) in Season 3, Leo (Tanner Buchanan) was away at college and fans to see him come back too.

    Emily (Italia Ricci) and Lorraine are possibly gone forever. Emily could leave the White House after Kirkman’s dirty politics anger her and Lorraine could be headed towards the jail. Agent Wells (Maggie Q) also won’t return due to her death in Season 3.