Details you miss in official trailer of ‘The Witcher’.


    Netflix has organised a fest for all books and video games lover. As they have dropped the trailer of the big-Budget fantasy series adaptation. Fans have gone crazy after seeing the trailer.

    The fans those who read books and mainly those who have enjoyed CD Projekt Red games are anxious about the series. As they are little insecure whether the series be able to justify the book and play. The Witcher has been the subject of hesitation among the fan. Many controversies have arisen related to the caste and the armour design, but the trailer has cleared all the uncertainty and the discussions.

    Credits: comic book

    Netflix has released just a two minutes ‘teaser’, but it has a ton of footage that clearly shows how fantastic this series is going to be. Henry Cavill, a Witcher superfan, looks just awesome as playing the role of Geralt and his monstrous Superman physique makes him perfect for the position. One fun tidbit we learned from SDCC is that showrunner Lauren Hissirch met Cavill first, who was dying to play the part, told him they weren’t casting yet, saw 200 other potential Geralt’s and ultimately went back to him.

    In the trailer, we have seen that Triss had a brief cameo in The Witcher. The trailer has shown some glimpses of its few monsters, and still, it has wrapped up some more dangerous monsters for the series. Many Red games fans have openly complained about the differences in the Geralt appearance as like Geralt not having a beard or carrying two swords, but those are almost always answered by pointing to the books as the book says that the Geralt hates Beard and Geralt always keep his second sword on Roach.

    After seeing the trailer, I can say that there is very little left in this that book fans or game fans should be able to complain about.
    If you see the trailer, you will find that The Witcher is a strong contender who can stand firm in competition with The Games Of Thrones.