Did Kim Kadarshian Really Have Her Ribs Removed To Fit In Her MET Gala Dress This Year?


    Kim Kadarshian has finally responded to rumors about her having her ribs removed to fit the skin-tight nude dress which she wore to MET Gala this year.

    Kim’s sexy wet look

    One of the most stunning looks which we saw in the red carpet of MET Gala 2019 was the wet look of Kim Kadarshian. The water dripping sexy look had all the heads turning to the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star. The Mugler dress made her waist nearly invisible, and it was almost impossible to imagine anyone in that literally “breathtaking” dress.

    Her response to the rumors

    Kim’s look led to rumors that the reality star had got her ribs removed to fit in the dress. Two months after the event, Kim has finally responded to these absurd rumors. In an interview with WSJ Magazine, she said that the rumors are false. She said that she didn’t even know if that’s possible. She also told about the struggle she went through to pull off the extremely body-hugging minidress.

    Kim told that the dress was made of silicone with a Mister Pearl corset underneath. The corset was so tight that she had breathing difficulty and had to take breathing lessons to rock the look. Kim also said that she was in a lot of pain while wearing that dress. Kim said that she had never felt pain like that in her life. She had indentations on her back and her stomach when she took the dress off.

    The dress which took everyone’s breath away

    In the MET Gala 2019, Kim had worn Thiery Mugler dress which had made her look like she’d just then came out of the ocean with her dress soaked and dripping. The beads and sequins gave the dripping water effect to the now-iconic dress. Kim had also worn her hair in wet waves to match the soaked outfit.

    Before the event, Kim had revealed that her look was inspired by Sophia Lauren’s damp yet sexy look in the 1957 movie, Boy on a Dolphin. Kim undoubtedly did justice to the look and the dress despite all the difficulties she had to face.