Disney Fans are Not Liking Halle Bailey as Ariel? Who do they Want now? Zendaya?


    Disney seems to be facing backlash regarding the casting of a live-action movie Ariel. The fans strongly opposed when the cast for The Little Mermaid was announced.


    Since Disney dropped the name of the actress, it has been facing a big clash over the internet. People have been discussing that the caste has been done without any racial accuracy. The main point of the anger is that Ariel was white and casting Halle doesn’t sound good.

    It can be perceived in a way that the argument is just not based on skin tone but also history.  People have been justifying the debate in a way that if characters like Moana were to caste without racial accuracy, people would get upset too. #NotMyAriel was a hashtag that went viral when the actress name was dropped.

    At first, it was said that the writer had not given any description of Ariels’ skin tone. But here is the catch a fan found some clear evidence related to Ariels’ skin tone. The tweet shows that the writer has compared Ariels’ skin tone to rose petal. This the closest writer has described the skin tone. Rob Marshall, the director of the movie, has said that after an extensive search Halle was selected. Marshall noted that Biley possesses spirit, heart, youth, innocence, and she is perfect for the role.

    Zendaya as The Little Mermaid


    The matter boils down to two sides of the argument. One is that Ariel was white, and her skin tone has been compared to Rose petal in the source.

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    So she is supposed to be white, and this is just forced racial diversity. Another point that comes up is that there was no black princess in Disney, so this is a good cast. Moana, Mulan was the first different race princess, so the cast is good.