Disney Land To Ban Childless People, Will They? A Mom Takes Her Son To Disney Land Rants.


    The Twitter user gets on with this wild tweet an angry mother posted. The angry mother ranted about the childless couple in Disney Land.


    The mom ranted about how she had to stay in line for three hours with her toddler. The mom writes how it pisses her off that the millennials and childless couple visit Disney Land. Although the angry mother didn’t give enough thought to the tweet while writing, she wrote that childless couple should be banned, a line which was not so well taken online. Another line was mothers with children should be given a chance to skip the line.

    The people were quick enough to point out that mothers with children can not just skip line like that. Disney Land is an amusement park which is enjoyed by everyone regardless of age or if they have kids or not. A mom pointed out that if your kid is three years old, why are you taking to Disney Land, he will not remember anything.

    The tweet ended with “I f***ing hate childless women with a BURNING PASSION.” The tweet was not received with any love. It is evident that what this mother said about childless people was terrible and it should not be given any more thought. Many were angry and said that it is not anyone’s problem and no one can do anything about the lines.

    The mother also ranted about a lady and said she was wearing such slutty shorts and buying the Mickey pretzel. The mom ranted how this lady dared to be in the line in which her son wanted to be. This rant was not a good one and was only based on mom’s anger. The points which she puts up were terrible, and obviously, she did not give enough thoughts to it.