Disney Says No Spider Man Mask On Grave- Poor Father Heartbroken for Son’s Wish


    Disney is known for making wonderful movies which are just unforgettable. They always offer the audience abundant entertainment. However, the recent activity of Disney has let its fans down. Disney straightaway refused a father of a dead four-year-old son who wanted to put a picture of Spider-Man on his son’s grave.

    Fan of Spider-Man

    The little boy’s name is Ollie Jones, who was a die-hard fan of Spider-Man. Unfortunately, the four-year-old boy Ollie met with an unexpected death. He died because of a rare genetic disease. Knowing how big a fan his son was of Spider-Man, his father thought of doing something for his son. He wished to put a picture of Spider-Man for his son’s memory.

    Mr. Jones, the father of the fanboy Ollie, desired to put a photo of the superhero on his son’s gravestone.


    Request Rejected

    Well, Mr. Jones knew that he needed permission to execute his plans. He first approached the Maidstone Council regarding the matter. The council instructed him to talk with the owners directly. So, Mr. Jones had to request Disney.

    But the man’s earnest request for his little son was denied by Disney.

    Why Disney Refused?

    Disney clearly said that they wanted to protect the innocence of the characters. They can not allow any of their characters to be associated with death. A representative from Disney expressed their condolence for the kid’s death. He stated how fans have always loved the characters created by Disney. It would have been an honor for them to be a part of Ollie’s wishes. But Disney has its policy and regulations. He said that Walt Disney started this trend and they never permit any character to be associated with death in any form such as headstones or cemetery.

    Rules are harsh sometimes!

    Sad Father

    Mr. Jones tries his best to make this happen for his son. But it was beyond his expectation. He never thought of a negative response from Disney. He said, ” I felt sure they would allow it.” He also said how addicted his son was to Spider-Man. They even spent their last holiday in Disneyland. Ollie was overjoyed with a fun there and all the toys. Mr. Jones was certainly disgusted with such a response from the authority. He showed his anger by stating that the authority does not care.

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    RIP Ollie!

    News Information Credit Goes to The Sun