Disney Tries to Do “Billy Eichner” Wants More Participation Of LGBTQ In His Animated Movies


    Billy Eichner wants more participation of the LGBTQ community in animation movies.

    He appreciates and wants this community to grow more and reach success as normal people achieve.

    I grew up doing musical theater,” Eichner told BuzzFeed News. “I was on a track to be on Broadway in my head. I was taking singing lessons with this big singing coach in New York who taught all the kids who wanted to be Gavroche in Les Mis. I was always too tall and fat to play Gavroche at the time. But I wanted to be on Broadway.” – Billy Eichner

    He shares his story and motivated people. According to him, success comes from hard work. And you should be ready to face any obstacle upcoming in your path.

    Disney Tries to Do "Billy Eichner" Wants More Participation Of LGBTQ In His Animated Movies

    He also gave an example of Bert and Ernie. How they worked hard and achieved success. At least they are earning and surviving on their own.

    According to him, we should opt for LGBTQ characters in kids animation as well. So that they learn to treat LGBTQ, male and female equally. And by doing this we will give this common unity a platform equal to other genders. They exist and they are an important part of our society. We should grow together. Not by letting anyone down.

    And with this is want to include gay characters in my animation movie. To give society a new message of unity and a great spirit. We should make them feel safe and comfortable in our society. Rather try to create an obstacle and destroy them. We should give them a safe environment to live in. They deserve equality it’s their right and we should provide them this right.

    Let’s make this a better place to live