Does “Justin Bieber” Still Contact his Past Love “Selena Gomez”? And Check the Taylor Swift’s confirmation!


    In a recent report, Justin’s statement about his ex-girlfriend Selena was captured. Justin has clearly mentioned about his love for her without denying his devotion to Hailey.

    Rumors were also on air that things between Justin and his wife Hailey Baldwin are falling out due to the intrusion of Selena. Justin was also spotted attending Selena’s birthday, hinting the fans that his feelings concerning Selena have not waned yet.

    ‘Justin Bieber’ Still Tries to Contact ‘Selena Gomez’?

    Does "Justin Bieber" Still Contact his Past Love "Selena Gomez"?

    Taylor Swift’s confirmation

    Taylor Swift has been antagonized to a large extent by the act of Justin’s cheating on her friend Selena Gomez. After his marriage and soon after the completion of six months of their marriage, their marital status was recorded as “uneven” as it was heard that Justin has been trying to get in touch with Selena desperately.

    This news is a bit of a shock to the fans. This makes them wonder as to why he should make such attempts when nothing is left between the two, and Bieber has moved on with Hailey.

    Does "Justin Bieber" Still Contact his Past Love "Selena Gomez"?

    It was a few days ago that terms between Bieber and Swift went bitter as Swift had accused Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun of bullying her and making attempts to ruin her career. Bieber had defended him against Swift.

    Swift had made a tweet regarding Justin’s unfaithfulness towards her friend Selena Gomez, and the fans seemed convinced about this charge.  The motive or reasons behind making contacts with Selena is not clear yet. However, it could be inferred that Justin is being unfaithful to his wife as well, doing the same what he did with Selena.