Donnie Yen redefines the Bottle Cap Challenge by being ‘Blindfolded’


    Actor and martial artist Donnie Yen has been one of the flag-bearers for genre-defining action for the best part of multiple decades, and he’s now reconfigured social media challenges, too.

    The Bottle Cap Challenge has caught on like wildfire since the end of June, and the 55-year-old Hong Kong superstar recently took to image-sharing platform Instagram to take a piece of the cake, which can be seen in the clip below.

    In the video, Yen can be seen approaching the bottle for what looks like would be a standard interpretation of the challenge, only for the multiple-time Wushu World Champion to suddenly blindfold himself and knock the cap off without any visual aid whatsoever.

    Aside from the Bottle Cap challenge, the months of summer have proved to be an exciting time for Yen’s global legion of fans.

    The actor has been strongly linked with making an appearance in Disney’s increasingly-successful Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Yen reportedly in-talks for starring in one of Phase Four’s most-anticipated films.

    Based on the character created by legendary author Jim Starlin, the wushu-master named Shang-Chi is reportedly all set to receive a solo on-screen outing in coming years, with actor Ludi Lin being considered for the titular role, whilst Yen would appear as an elder, supporting character who’d possibly act as his mentor.

    Credit: Marvel Comics

    Of course, anything about Marvel’s upcoming slate of films remains conjecture at this point, although dedicated followers of the franchise can look forward to summer’s upcoming San Diego Comic-Con for more details.

    Meanwhile, Yen will be seen starring in the final installment of the highly-acclaimed Ip Man series come late July.