Dr. Mario World released before Scheduled Date; Rumors and More

    Dr. Mario World

    With Nintendo focusing more on the mobile market, Dr. Mario World is now available on Android and iOS. The initial date of release was supposed to be July 10, but it was released a day earlier before its scheduled time.

    Dr. Mario World in one of the games in Mario Franchise in which it features Mario and his friends as doctors. These doctors have a special skill which players must use to garner as many points as much possible. Though it is free of cost, players can buy additional items in the app to help them in the game. Things which you can buy in the game ranges from $1.99 to $69.99.

    The game somewhat draws inspiration for the famous game ‘Candy Crush Saga.’ In the Dr. Mario World, the players must eradicate the viruses before it clutters the board by matching capsules to form three of a kind. There are multiple stages in the game, and in each stage, the player has a limited number of moves to win the game.

    Though it is free, you cannot play a lengthier session without regularly spending money in the game. The game has smart changes, which is best suited for the mobile format. Also, there are rumors that the game will feature 11 more characters with other special skills.

    This will be fun as well as addictive to unlock all the character to clear the stages on the map. Though Dr. Mario World downloaded by more than a million in just mere days the game has mixed reviews. With this, we cannot say whether it will be a long term success game or not.