Ed Sheeran spends £4million buying up neighboring houses. Here is why ?


    Ed Sheeran is becoming a giant investor in real state business. Recently, he bought two houses near his £19.8million mansion in London.

    But what made Ed invest such a large amount when already he has a big mansion right there? Well, to everyone’s surprise, Ed took this decision and bought neighboring houses just to stop locals from complaining about noises.

    As per sources, Ed’s neighbors were facing a lot of problems because of late-night parties and loud music. They took some drastic steps and filed a complaint against Ed Sheeran. That’s when this weird idea struck Ed. He ended up buying two houses next to his mansion so that he can chill with his friends and dance on loud music.

    This is not the first time Ed Sheeran made such a huge investment. Earlier, he acquired a flat above his Notting Hill restaurant though this decision was made so that the restaurant chain can grow and increase profit by building other outlets near the old eating place.

    His property investments have always ended up being a big-time controversy. The Shape of You singer is struggling with his kidney-shaped wildlife pond case. Reportedly, as per the agreement, Ed was allowed to construct this man-made a pond in order to attract wildlife. Later, locals complained that Ed is using this wildlife pond for recreational activities. He has converted it into a personal swimming pool. That’s objectionable. The state jurisdiction is looking in this matter.

    The wildlife pond case is still pending in the court. In the meantime, another big move in buying two houses has grabbed all the attention. Ed is constantly adding more value to his worth by making such big investments. His current net worth is $160 million.