Ed Sheeran’s New Collab with Bruno Mars and Chris Stapleton “Blow” out now, All about the Album 6


    Ed Sheeran drops two new tracks to his Album 6: Collaborations Project. He collaborated with Chris Stapleton and Bruno Mars.

    Blow and The Best Part Of Me
    In Ed Sheeran’s new track ‘Blow’ two famous music artists Chris Stapleton and Bruno Mars have roles. The second track, ‘The Best Part Of Me’ features YEBBA. Sheeran produced this romantic pop song along with Benny Blanco and Joe Rubel.Ed Sheeran's new album

    22 Guest Artists
    Ed Sheeran told that he loves making both the records. He also said that YEBBA is phenomenal and onto massive things. He had a lot of fun recording with Chris Stapleton and Bruno Mars. Play music and enjoy them. Collection Project will be available for the world on July 12. This 15 songs album will have 22 guests in total. That’s not all, and there are some special appearances by Eminem, 50 Cent, Cardi B and Camila Cabello.

    Source of Motivation
    We are sure July is going to be a super hit month. Everyone has been looking forward to hearing Ed Sheeran’s Collaborations album. Only one week more, and we all will be on our feet dancing to the bomb music by these fantastic singers. Ed Sheeran was motivated to bring life to his project because of Album 5: Collaborations Project. He said, “It was when I [worked with] Beyoncé and Andrea Bocelli, and I had them both on the ‘Perfect’ single, that I started a thing on my laptop, ‘No.6 Collaborations.’ And just throughout the year while I was on tour, any time I met anyone that I’d been a fan of, it was the first time I’d been able to be like, ‘Let’s get in the studio.” He added, “For me, this is a compilation album of artists that I am a fan of.”