Ed Sheeran’s Plaigarism Lawsuit Now Tied To Another; Everything You Need To Know


    Ed Sheeran is being sued for plagiarism on his track “Thinking Out Loud.” And the lawsuits been rolling for a long time now. It looks like the case will finally be done with. That is after another one is.

    Where The Lawsuit Stands

    Ed Townsend’s family filed a lawsuit against popular pop and contemporary singer Ed Sheeran in 2016. They claimed that the singer-songwriter’s soundtrack Thinking Out Loud which came out in 2014 plagiarized major harmonic progressions and rhythmic elements from Marvin Gaye’s 1973 song Let’s Get It On on which Townsend was a co-writer.

    Earlier this week, the judge in Manhattan hearing the case, postponed the trial scheduled for September. He said that he would prefer to wait to hear the verdict in the Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven case before moving forward with the jury trial to be held in Ed Sheeran’s case. “Take the summer off,” the judge told both sides.

    The Stairway To Heaven Case

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    Led Zeppelin is facing a lawsuit from the Californian band Spirit, which claims that the iconic opening music of Stairway to Heaven was lifted of its 1968 music in Taurus. The claim is based on the fact that the two music tracks are similar in parameters such as their nature, timeline, and visibility level. The case is scheduled to be reheard this September.

    Is Settlement on The Table?

    Ed Sheeran settled another plagiarism lawsuit over Photograph in 2017. While it cost him 20 million dollars, he might we willing to do the same if the Led Zeppelin case drags on too long. Especially if the case makes it to the Supreme Court, Sheran’s case could drag on to 2020, making it a nuisance the singer would want to get rid off.

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