Elizabeth Chambers Stands Out To Defend Armie Hammer From Twitter Hate


    The Internet now has been the portal to bring out the weird kinds of stuff from people all around. But these days, celebrities are no-exception in schlepping the insane demonstration on the Internet. This same thing happened recently with American actor Armie Hammer. And what do you expect, he received a heck of hatred and criticism.

    The actor from movie Call Is By Your Name¬†posted a video featuring his son, sucking up to his toe on Twitter. That’s gross! But the thing is, this video got noticed and became viral, with most of hatred and backlash. Yeah, you know kids have these habits of doing stuff what the like but parenting concerned people on Twitter might have different thoughts.

    This gesture upset many viewers who questioned about the parenting of Armie and his wife. Many back-lashed Hammer but the good wife always shows up and defends. The successful bakery owner wife, Elizabeth Chambers supported the #footfetishonfleek video controversy. She commented on a post by Perez Hilton, who posted the video uploaded by Armie Hammer. The good wife went on to say that the sucking thing was like for just five seconds and claimed that their son loved to play with other people’s foot. She admitted that the gesture of Armie Hammer on uploading video wasn’t the best move, but she clarified that the safety and well being of their toddler is always prioritized.

    But honestly, this doesn’t look much of a big deal, and everyone should move on!