Elon Musk’s Neuralink revealed Brain Reading threads to link Brain & A.I


    Elon Musk’s Neuralink revealed Brain Reading threads that connect the human brain with computers. The tiny brain “threads” in the chip has already been implanted in rats. It’s waiting for FDA approval for human trial by 2020.

    The company’s long term goals are people merging with artificial intelligence. This is not the first brain-machine interface. There have been quite a few brain-machine interfaces before this. One of the earliest success in this field is Brown universities is Brain Gate. It enabled a paralyzed person to gain control over a computer cursor in 2006. There are other research groups and companies that are trying to have a successful working brain-machine interface. So basically there are two approaches for linking brain and computer. The first method is an invasive method where an implant directly touches your mind to create an interface. The other way does not include putting things in your brain. In this method, electrodes are placed near the skin to create the desired interface.

    SOURCE: Digital Trends

    Ellen mask and neuralink have chosen the invasive method for connecting the brain with a computer. The company has developed the chip containing an array of 96 small, polymer threads, each with up to 32 electrodes. These electrodes are implanted into the brain with the help of a robot and a two-millimeter incision. The threads measure smaller than 6 micrometers. The thread would wirelessly send information to a module that sits outside the head. Once the chip is implanted, it would wirelessly connect to
    Devices. The chip is called “N1 sensor.”

    The ship will be capable of wirelessly read, transmit high volume data and amplify signals from the brain. The chip has a very high potential, especially in solving several brain-related diseases. The chip is also aimed at achieving symbiosis with AI is the person who wants that. Musk co-founded neural link in 2017 with Max Hodak. Neuralink has already raised 66.27 million dollars in venture funding and is valued at 509.3 million dollars.