Emily Hartidge A YouTube Personality Died In A Tragic Misshapening? Identity Revealed.


    A tragic accident occurred in Battersea took a life of a TV presenter and YT personality, Emily Hartridge. Emily Hartridge was a loving personality and famous for her “Ten Reason Why” videos.


    Emily became famous seven years ago due to her ten reason why videos. She had enough fans on her Instagram page and Youtube channel. The incident took place early in the morning around 8 am. Hartridge was on her electric scooter when she collided with a lorry in London. The accident happened only half a mile away from her home in Battersea.

    The paramedics arrived at 8:30, but it was too late, she was declared dead at the scene. The collision was too hard for her to survive. The news broke out when a post appeared on her Instagram page. The post had written that Emily was involved in an accident and has passed away. The post continued that, she had touched many lives and will never be forgotten.

    The message received an enormous amount of love from fans and some big Instagram personalities. Personalities like David Mccall, Maddie Bruce, Andy Shep and Zoe Hardmen gave out love to Emily’s friends and family. Every fan of her and the people she had worked with previously was completely shocked by this.

    Emily was personal with her viewers after posting about her mental health, her sexuality, and freezing her eggs. She said previously that the purpose of her channel was to make people laugh and keep a little bit of honesty. She was dating guy named Jacob Hazell, and her one of the last post was both of them kissing.

    The family or anyone who knew Emily is truly devastated right now, and the fans are sending their love to her family and friends. Every single life matters in the world and those who affected others life as well would surely be missed.