Enjoying a Family Boating Trip


    Maybe you will be setting off to explore the Greek Isles in the crystal blue Mediterranean Sea or maybe you will just be boating around your local lake. Either way, there are some important things to consider if you will be heading out on to the water with small children aboard your water craft. 

    Plan your passage

    The better the plans the better the experience. Try to head out to distant locations when your children can sleep on the way, this allows you to get plenty or travel time in before they even wake. If you do have to travel by day make the trip as short as possible. Also, be sure to check the tidal schedule to be sure there won’t be any more hiccoughs. 

    You could try Albufeira boat trips. There’s so much to see, and even the youngest family member will be amazed by the beautiful waters, and colourful fish. 

    Keep Kids Afloat

    There are so many ways to keep kids active and involved in these trips and they can actually be very useful on the boat itself once they have been properly trained. 

    Train your crew

    If your children show an interest in sailing let them jump in full swing. With proper supervision and guidance you will see your smallest children rise in the ranks and become first mate. Tidying lines and storing finders are some of the easier tasks that your small kids can manage easily. Just be sure to provide them with proper instruction on where to keep their fingers to avoid small “ouchies” that can add an unpleasant element to the outing. Make sure you keep those soft soled shoes on to avoid stubbed toes. 

    Use a Dinghy

    There is no better way to teach a love for the water than making your child the captain of their very own ship. A dinghy is a great way to teach the many basics of boating in a calm and safe environment. This will build confidence and experience in things like boarding and alighting.

    Activities on Board

    Be sure to have some good ways to while away the hours on the water when there might not be much to do. Log books and holiday scrapbooks are some good examples. You will want to avoid those games that have small pieces, but a pack of cards can provide endless hours of fun and entertainment. Then be sure to bring the crabbing lines and fishing rods which can provide countless hours of entertainment.

    Essential equipment

    Space is always going to be a concern, with this in mind, take time to plan everything you pack for your trip and only take along the essentials. If you have children small enough to ride buggies, make sure they have a buggy small enough to be stowed in the cockpit locker. There are also some very good travel high chairs that can be fastened to the saloon table and this saves a good amount of space and provides a sturdy seating arrangement. As all parents know a trusty supply of wet-wipes can cover a thousand disasters.