Eve Teasing Video: A Man Try to Get into Her Car! Presence of Mind and Courage Saved Her From Becoming a Victim of an Assault


    In Phoenix, Latisha Patterson was followed by a man who even tried to get into her car and Patterson recorded the entire incident and posted it on her facebook.

    A woman’s presence of mind and courage saved her from becoming a victim of an assault.

    We all know that somewhere No woman is safe in today’s world, but a woman has changed herself from being a victim to become a fighter. And another incident of Phoenix has proved the same.

    On Saturday, Latisha Patterson went out for shopping, and a man assumed it as an opportunity and started to follow her and remained within a close distance of her. Then when she walked into her car, the man tried to enter into the car and tried to sit on near sit.

    Meanwhile, the lady decided to film the incident and to prove to everyone that women are not weak but are the strongest. Post the event, and she posted the video of the same on her facebook. This video has become viral.

    In the video, Patterson is telling the gentleman that he is being filmed. But still when she goes to unlock her vehicle, the man hurries to get into the passenger side, and Patterson repeatedly told the accused
    “You ain’t getting in my car!” still he was attempting to enter into the car.

    As we can see in the video that Patterson also informed the man that she was in a relationship and to which he responded and explained that he was trying to help her into her car. and Patterson said I don’t care, and you are not getting into a car.

    After the entire incident when the man got to know about the incident footage, he yelled at her and asked her to delete video to which Patterson responded that she would delete the video if he will stay away from her and will leave her alone, but the man denied and continued it’s immoral and illegal nuisance.

    After the whole incident, everyone is asking only one question of whether women are still not safe??