Everything you need to know about home theater


    Are you planning to set up a home theater in your house? Home theater is an excellent option for entertainment. So, are you confused to select components for your home theater? To help you out from this situation, here I am going to share my thoughts on home theater that I used while setting up my home theater a few months ago.

    Things you need to if you are considering buying a home theater

    Setting up a home theater is not an easy task. To set up a home theater in your house properly you should know about home theater. Here are a few things you should know for setting up your home theater;

    1. Room

    When you are planning to set up a home theater, the first thing you should take care of is the room. Performance of your home theater depends on the conditions of the room. So what will be the condition of the room for a home theater? The most important thing is the light. Make sure that your room doesn’t have too much light. Presence of excessive light in the room will washout image. Light can also cause screen reflection. Which type of floor is best for the home theater? You should go with carpet floor instead of the hard floor. Hard floor is more reflective than the carpet floor, and it can result in unpleasant sound and uneven bass.

    2. TV or projector

    The aim of setting up a home theater in your home is to experience the taste of the theater. In this case, the large image is the first requirement for a home theater. Here you have two options to go with a TV or projector. Yes, the projector is a good option, and it can produce massive picture like theater. But if you want to choose the projector, then your room should be too dark.


    On the other hand, you can select TV. For choosing tv, you have various options such as LED, LCD, and OLED. You can choose a TV with 4k resolution, though TVs with 4k resolution and bigger than 40 inches is quite expensive. If you are looking to build your home projector on a tight budget, then I recommend you to buy an affordable 4k projector.

    3. Sound system

    The sound system is another crucial part of the home theater after the display. While choosing the sound system, make sure that all of the audio components are from the same brand. It will help you get better results from the sound system. You will need loudspeakers and subwoofer for your home theater. Don’t forget to listen to the sound of the speaker and subwoofer before buying them.

    4. Connection cables and speaker wire

    Now you may have everything at your disposal to complete building your home theater. But without wire, you can’t do that. The cable is another essential part of any electronic system, and it is the same for home theater. You can buy ordinary wire or high-end stuff. I want to suggest to go with the high-end cable.


    When it comes to the wire for the speaker, then you should choose wire with 16 or 18 gauge. Wire with 14 gauge is fragile, and I recommend you to avoid this one.

    Final words

    Your home theater will not be like my one. Every home theater is different from each other because people built the home theater according to their specific needs. If you have little knowledge about home theater, then you should take help from professionals who know a to z of home theater. You seek advice from them for buying components and installations.