Everything you want to know about Selena Gomez relationship profile


    Gomez is devoid of any partner. She had to undergo mental and health issues. She had signed in a rehabilitation center as an aid to overcome the traumas of separation with Justin Bieber. She was rumored to be dating Shawn Mendes, but the rumors were false, however. Gomez is single, and there are no hints of dating anyone now.

    Gomez and the rocky patches

    Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber

    Selena had undergone a phase of degrading mental health ever since Bieber has tied the nuptial knots with Hailey Baldwin. The young pop star had to undergo multiple unpleasant issues, which include both psychological and physical. She was admitted to the hospital for a good number of days as she had a kidney transplant. Next, she had checked into a rehabilitation center as she faced immense difficulties in getting over the trauma of losing Justin Bieber.

    The Rumours

    Selena Gomez and Shawn Mendes

    It was rumored that Selena is currently dating Shawn Mendes. However, it was later confirmed that she is single and is not looking for any relationship right now. It is said that after the rocky patches in her life, Selena has finally landed on the best phase of her life, being herself.

    The split between Gomez and Bieber was a shocking blow to their fans as they were hopeful that their relationship would be leading to somewhere meaningful. It is a speculation of the audience that she might be looking for someone who would love her. This speculation was based on her new single I Can’t get enough. Though, the fans were unsure who was it addressed to.


    After all the rumors and surmises, it is now confirmed that Selena is in her singlehood now and she gives no hints of moving on with anyone right now. Though, her fans are desperately awaiting good news and are hoping that it is on its way.