Ex Scientology Member claims Tom Cruise’s children brainwashed into hating their Mother, Nicole Kidman


    It was something of a shock which we felt when we heard that the son and daughter of this high rated celebrity were being brainwashed. Yes, reports have surfaced claiming that the church of Scientology was influencing the children of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

    Tom cruise and kids

    A former member of Scientology, Sam Domingo claimed that church is ‘using’ Isabella and Connor, children of the famous actor, as its ‘poster children.’ Sam Domingo is a former top-ranking member of Scientology who has given 22 years of her life in service to the church.

    She said things changed from bad to worse when the Mission Impossible star split with Nicole Kidman in 2001. After their divorce, their children lived a life of isolation, away from the other kids. This was all done under the supervision of the high ranked personnel, Marty Rathbun. The children were led into believing that their mother was a suppressive person, and hence, they should not meet her.

    She also shared information about how the church is using the star kids. In March, Isabella featured in an ad which was the part of Scientology. In the advertisement, she thanked the church as well as her father for helping her to find the ‘missing pieces.’ This thing was undoubtedly a PR activity, and she felt sorry for the kids.

    A spokesperson of the church has denied all the facts presented by Domingo. Also, no statement has been given by Tom Cruise or Nicole Kidman. Without confirmation, it is not possible for us to decide. What do you think about it?