Eyes Alert!! The most terrifying look of the decade just got released and it’s from Walking Dead season 10!!!


    Walking Dead season 10 just after their power pack trailer unmasked the look of Thora Birch’s character. And the look is terrifying!

    It has the animalistic touch it looks very horrible yet builds up interest in the audience to know what will happen and what is that about. Well, not much really know about the tenth season.

    But there is this news, last week it was officially announced that Danai Gurira would be leaving the show in this season. She said, she confirms that this is the last season she will be on this amazing TV show as Michonne, and also ended up receiving a standing ovation.

    According to the announcements made at the Comic-Con, it’s the American Beauty actress who has been cast as Gamma. She is said to be the exact opposite of Alpha’s daughter Lydia, who was seen falling in love in season 09 with Carol’s ill-fated son, Henry and was also taken under Daryl’s wing. Because Gamma the is not just only a sentry for the heroes but also a complete Alpha Acolyte.

    According to the sources, she will be seen believing 200 percent in an animalistic way of life in both the groups, and also she will believe in their merciless leader.
    It’s also said that to the Birch there’s one more new addition to the season.

    From Late of the Leftovers, Kevin Carroll is said to be playing the role of Virgil, who is also a survivor and will be in the apocalypse and total anxious to get back to his family and home.

    All of this excites the audiences infinity and beyond! The entire look of Thora is mind-blowing. The way it has made and revealed, no doubt it’s the terrifying look of the decade.

    Walking Dead season, ten will be aired on October 06, 2019. We still have to wait months for the release, and we are with all these juicy things coming out, it will difficult.