FaceApp challenge: Want to know how you will look probably in your 80’s?


    Yet another challenge has taken the internet world by storm. Surprisingly it will help you travel time and let you know how you would look in your 80’s.

    Wrinkled skin and white-colored hair pictures are the new fashion statement. It is already in a trend where people are uploading their selfies, showing their old age faces. Now that’s interesting!! How is it possible?? Well, you don’t need to have any superpowers for doing that.

    An app launched back in 2017 does that for you. FaceApp provides you with many filters, obviously to make you look good. But one of the app’s filters that is old filter has gone viral. Applying this filter you get to visualize the transformation to your old age days.

    The challenge has become people’s favorite is just a week’s time. From actors to famous chefs to cricketers, everyone has accepted this challenge and is enjoying this game to its fullest.

    Twitter is now flooded with old age pictures, and hopefully, it will continue for some more time as well. Though this is a fun and lighthearted challenge, it has a very dark side too. Very few people know that the usage of this app can have severe consequences. FaceApp was developed by a Russian company called Wireless Lab, which uses AI technology to apply filters to the photos.

    But at the same time, it poses a threat to your private information. The app uses your personal information with other unidentified business organizations once you register yourself on this app. It retrieves your other pictures from phone gallery for unethical usage. Sounds fishy. Moreover, the app is not for free. You need to pay a specific amount on the third day of registration.

    So if you wish to use this app, kindly use it wisely.