Faith in Humanity lost, 4 year old female dog gang-raped in India


    Female canine kidnapped and raped on Jalesar Road area in Hathras district, U.P

    Santosh Devi, the owner of a 4-year-old female canine dog, found her dog in an unconscious state in her room on 5th July in the morning. Prior to which she had already filed a complaint against Dinesh Kumar responsible for her dog going missing. Santoshi has seen her dog last at 10 pm on Thursday.

    She said, “I thought she must be sitting somewhere and did not bother about her. But, when I could not find her in the house, I started searching for her at 6 in the morning.”

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    Dinesh Kumar is Santosh’s neighbor living in a rented accommodation next to her house and was familiar with Santosh’s family as well. According to Santosh, Kumar lured her dog on Thursday by offering her an egg kidnapping her from the terrace of the house on the Jalesar Road.


    Santosh claimed that she found her dog in a critical condition with her internal organs damaged with significant injuries. The police said that the further investigation is underway and medical examination of the dog is being conducted to confirm the rape accusation.

    The FIR has been registered against Dinesh Kumar and two others that are yet to be identified under Section 11 in Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code.