Fans Unhappy die to Beloved Willy Wonka’s Actress Denise Nickerson’s Demise.


    Denise Nickerson, who played the role of Violet Beauregarde in the original Willy Wonka, the Chocolate Factory, has unfortunately passed away. Her family broke the news on Facebook writing, “she is gone.”


    Denise suffered from a severe stroke in June 2018 and was admitted to the hospital. Later the year she was admitted to the rehab, but it was not helpful. Her son wrote about the debilitating state of hers, which led to the decision of stopping life support. Her son told that life supports were not helping at all and were only making her more miserable.

    Nickerson had her first major acting role when she played Amy Jennings and Nora Collins on Dark Shadows. Denise appeared in many small roles before being selected for her big role as Violet. She continued to work as an actress until she left to study to become a nurse.

    Her son and his wife have also set up a go fund me campaign where they kept posting about Denise health update. The couple posted that after the seizure, she went to a coma-like state. The couple announced that they were expecting a baby in March. His wife went on the page and wrote that her husband is dealing with the loss. She continued saying that Denise would not be able to hold her granddaughter.

    The go fund me campaign which the family has set up to fulfill Denise’s last wish. The family says they want to turn her ashes to glass art. The wishes of her fans and loved goes with her.