Fans won’t see Kelly McGillis as Tom Cruise’s Love Interest In “Top Gun: Maverick”


    Sometimes, we see actors not reprising their original roles in the sequels. And that’s what happened to Kelly McGillis’s part of Charlie in Top Gun sequel- Top Gun: Maverick.

    Top Gun: Maverick‘s trailer released

    Last week, at the San Diego Comic-Con, the trailer of the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick was released. But we can’t find one prominent actor who seems to be missing from not just the trailer but the whole movie. We are talking about the 64-year-old Kelly McGillis who played the role of Charlotte “Charlie” Blackwood in the original 1986 film.

    Charlie was the love interest of Lt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell played by Tom Cruise. She was an astrophysicist and civilian Topgun instructor. Many stars from Top Gun have reprised their roles in the sequel. So, it came as a surprise when the lead actress was replaced in the sequel.

    McGillis wasn’t asked to be a part of the sequel.

    In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, McGillis revealed that she wasn’t even asked to join Top Gun: Maverick. When she was asked if she’d be attending the movie’s promotional events, she replied that she didn’t know because it hadn’t happened yet.

    “If and when it did happen, I would have to assess where I’m, what I’m doing, what’s going on,” she said. McGillis further said that she couldn’t project what she would or wouldn’t do in the future. She has no idea because she doesn’t know where she’ll be.

    Jennifer Connelly is the lead actress in Top Gun: Maverick.

    In the sequel, Jennifer Connelly plays the leading lady. She’s a single mother and owner of a bar in the movie. When McGillis was asked about the role given to Connelly in the sequel, she said good-naturedly that she’s glad for her. The actress also told that she hadn’t been in touch with the anyone from the original movie.

    Top Gun Maverick is directed by Joseph Kosinski and will be released in theatres on 26 June 2020.