Finally, police find viral ice cream locker face and woman could face 20-year prison.


    Finally, law enforcement officials have identified that viral woman who has recorded the video licking the ice cream tub and then returning the container back to the freezer. Now officials are interrogating her, or you can say interviewing her.

    This viral video was posted on Twitter on June 29. This video shows how a woman is licking a blue bell ice cream, and a person is recording while she returns the ice cream to the freezer. Don’t know whether the users found this video funny or they found this video horror that the video got so viral that officials have to take that woman for interrogation.

    On July 1 Bluebell thanked the consumers for alerting them about this unsanitary act. Many Twitter users found it horror and unhygienic action and expressed their reaction in comments. In a statement, the company said that “We take this issue very seriously and are currently working with the appropriate authorities, ”

    Police in Lufkin, Texas, used the same way to announce that the suspect has been identified. Texas police announced on Facebook that the suspect in the video had been identified as a juvenile from nearby San Antonio. Her boyfriend, an adult whose family hails from Lufkin, also admitted to his involvement.

    This case got twisted when another Instagram user claimed that they were the one licking the ice cream and that user is not a teenager. Twitter users began sharing a screenshot of @xx.asiaaa.xx’s comment bragging about the incident.

    As per the Buzzfeed news report, Blue Bell identified the store’s location as a Walmart in Lufkin, based on “unique merchandising” The company instructed store managers to remove all the half-gallon tubs of Blue Bell Tin Roof, and officials believe the contaminated container was not sold.

    Because the suspect is a minor, her case is turned over to the Texas Juvenile Justice Department. Police are still discussing whether her boyfriend should be charged or not.