Finally, the psychological thriller game, Blair Witch 2019 gameplay revealed!


    The horror movie franchise, Blair Witch, is yet to release their new game, Blair Witch 2019. The video games are inspired by the Blair Witch movie trilogy. The Blair Witch 2019 is both developed and published by Bloober Team.

    What is the story of Blair Witch E3?

    The story is set in September 1996. Where “You” play the role of an ex-policeman named Ellis. He is in search of a missing kid by the name of Peter Shannon. Ellis needs to pass through the dark Black Hills forest to find the boy. He had a camcorder and torch in hand and is accompanied by a dog. Suddenly, strange activities in the forest, prevented Ellis to search the missing boy, Peter. Will Ellis be able to survive and find the missing boy?

    How to play the game?

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    The game is a first-person survival horror game. In this game, “You” will be called as Ellis. Ellis is a policeman and he has a walkie talkie, camcorder, flashlight and a dog as a companion. “You”, will be helping a search party who are in search of a missing boy in the Black Hills forest.

    What is the use of the camcorder?

    “You” will be having a camcorder to record footages. These footages can be replayed which will provide you with clues.

    What is the use of a dog in this game?

    The name of the dog is Bullet. He is your companion in this game. “You” can give commands to your pet dog like digging, searching etc. “You” need to build a good relationship with your dog so that he helps you.

    Who are your enemies?

    In this game, you will have an encounter with the witch’s minions, these are your enemies. “You” need to fight with those monsters to save your life and find clues. One must be careful when hearing voices. The voices can be a form of bait to catch hold of you.

    What is the use of flashlight?

    The flashlight will be your weapon. This weapon can be used to blind those monsters temporarily. Not only that you can use it to search for clues in dark areas.

    What is the use of walkie talkie?

    The walkie talkie is used to contact the search party and inform the updates about the search mission.

    When is the trailer releasing?

    The trailer has already been released. In the trailer, Ellis is in search of the boy with his dog beside him. The forest is full of unpleasant figures and occultist activities where, Ellis and his dog are searching for the boy. At the end of the trailer, the signature of Blair Witch symbol emerges in the trees.

    When is the Blair Witch game releasing?

    The game is releasing on 30th of August 2019 for PC and Xbox One.