‘Floribama Shore’ star Nilsa Prowant arrested for flashing at crowd


    Reality television star, Nilsa Prowant is facing charges after she flashed her breasts at the crowd and allegedly smashed a car’s window. The ‘Floribama Shore’ star was arrested for public indecency and misdemeanor.

    The 25-year-old contestant of the MTV was arrested for two charges – disorderly conduct and exposure of sexual organs, TMZ reported. In addition to this, she was reportedly told off several times too. Prowant flashed her breasts in her drunken state to a crowd on the street while standing on the balcony. Apparently, there were cops present too and they noticed her actions.

    As a result, the cops asked her to vacate the party premises. What followed added to her impending troubles. In her drunken state, she climbed into her friend’s car and reportedly kicked the window glass smashing it. And this is what led to her arrest following disorderly conduct and also adding public indecency.

    She was kept in the custody for not long, maybe a few hours according to TMZ. Bail was set for $400 and she left after detoxification according to the report.

    The plot of events following her intoxication must’ve complicated her public life. MTV hasn’t responded to the reports. And seemingly drama follows the stars even off the screen of the’Floribama Shore’.