Former Delhi CM “Sheila Dikshit” passes away at the age of 81, Cause of Death and More?


    The three-time Delhi Chief Minister and senior Congress leader Sheila Dikshit passed away on Saturday 20th July in New Delhi.

    Sheila Dikshit has served as Delhi CM for 15 years, she was 81 years old and was admitted early in the morning at the Fortis Escorts hospital in a critical condition with a cardiac arrest later where she died after few hours.

    Sheila Dikshit went through a heart surgery last year in France, earlier in 2012 she has undergone angioplasty and has also dealt with some infections.

    Senior Congress leader Sheila Dikshit passes away at the age of 81


    “At 3:15 pm, she again suffered a cardiac arrest. She was put on a ventilator and at 3:55 pm she passed away peacefully,” said Dr. Ashok Seth, the director of the hospital.

    The congress tweeted about her death saying “We regret to hear of the passing of Smt Sheila Dikshit. Lifelong congresswoman and as three times CM of Delhi she transformed the face of Delhi. Our condolences to her family and friends. Hope they find strength in this time of grief,”.

    Sheila Dikshit’s body has been taken to her home at Nizamuddin from the hospital where her supporters and well-wishers would be allowed to pay their tributes.

    Senior Congress leader Sheila Dikshit passes away at the age of 81

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi also shared his condolence toward Shelia Dikshit and her family saying-