Gaiman’s Sandman to be a Netflix Series. Will be a ‘Big Financial Deal’


    Recently, news has surfaced that Netflix has signed what sources describe as a big financial deal with Warner Bros. Television.  This is about Neil Gaiman’s Sandman getting a live action series.

    Gaiman’s Sandman series is from Vertigo and DC Comics. The main character of the series is Dream, also known as Morpheus (who also goes by other names). He is one of the seven Endless. The other Endless being Destiny, Death, Desire, Despair, Delirium, and Destruction.

    The comic tells the story of the moody Lord of Dreams and his dysfunctional and sometimes destructive family members (The Endless). In the story, he is captured and subsequently learns that sometimes, change is inevitable.

    Gaiman's Sandman to be a Netflix Series. Will be a 'Big Financial Deal'
    Credit: DC Comics

    More than a decade back, Gaiman said in Comic-Con 2007 said, “I’d rather see no Sandman movie made than a bad Sandman movie, But I feel like the time for a Sandman movie is coming soon. We need someone who has the same obsession with the source material as Peter Jackson had with Lord of the Rings or Sam Raimi had with Spider-Man.”

    Those who loved this comic series wanted to have it to be a movie, but unfortunately, this did not become a reality. Now fans are relieved that they will finally see Sandman after decades, though not in a movie but a TV series.

    It is announced that Allan Heinberg (Wonder Woman) will write and serve as showrunner on the series. Gaiman will be executive producer with David Goyer.

    No further information has been confirmed about how many episodes will the live action series have. Apart from that release date is yet to be confirmed. Casting is in progress, so we can expect big names to be in the series as it is a big financial deal.