Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke’s inspiring journey. Read in detail!!


    Difficulties and problems are part and parcel of life. The one who deals with hurdles tactfully emerges victorious.

    While the world is busy reading gossips and controversial articles. Seldom we get the opportunity to be inspired by our celebrities learning about their life struggles…  This time we are very fortunate to tell you, people, one such inspiring story… Stay tuned for a full dose of motivation!!!

    Emilia Clarkes is a well know actress and is an important part of Game of Thrones series. Her powerful acting has often taken the world by storm. People highly appreciate her screen presence. She has received several positive reviews from the critiques.

    But little did we know about her struggles on the personal front. People hardly know that the star has had 2 hemorrhages and stokes in her early 20s. Such a brave soul… Battling such severe health conditions, Emilia has delivered some phenomenal performances. Shooting for season 2 has been the toughest part for the actress. Juggling between health and commitment, she very well balanced both.

    After her stroke, the actress started a charity for other victims as well. Soon she realized that brain illness has nothing to do with the age factor. It can come down crashing at you at any given point. She runs a charity named, Same You wherein she helps and supports other patients financially and emotionally.

    Celebrities like Emilia Clarke are the flag bearer of humanity. More power to you girl. Keep up the good work. In a recent charity event, she even dropped some hints about the Game of Thrones prequel. While she did not reveal much information but she assured fans that the prequel would be worth waiting for…