Game of Thrones co-actors Lena Headey and Flynn still share the cold vibes.


    Lena Headey is popularly known as Cersei Lannister in the very famous drama series of HBO Game Of Thrones.

    As we all know that there is a huge fan following of the cast and nevermind even if has ended, people cannot still get over it. But the things are not so cool with Flynn and Lena. They both seem to have a big cold war. It’s been said that the costars were dating in late 2000s and had a ugly break-up. Due to an ugly break-up they weren’t actually on talking terms with each other.

    They did not stand each other and also did not share the same room. When a fan asked about it too Flynn, he said: “We were actually in the same scene together, and the last time I saw Lena we were speaking, so I wouldn’t believe everything you read, and as I said can get pretty desperate for stories.”  The both of them, never really interacted well entirely in the show. But he also said that “We were actually in the same scene together.” And no doubt he is lying, the pair did appear in a scene together, during the season 03. The duo met on the set of Flynn’s star-making series Soldier in 1993. During a Q&A he also stated that Lena is a wonderful actress and a wonderful person.

    Lena is working for a film called, Gunpowder Milkshake starring two lead icons including her and Michelle the Crazy Rich Asians actor.

    Well, we hope the fans stay calm and don’t create stories just for entertainment.