George RR Martin reveals Game of thrones prequel title & logo revealed, check it out here


    The name and logo for the prequel of the famous HBO series “Game of Thrones” have been leaked by a fan site.

    The popular T.V series “Game of Thrones”(GOT) ended this May, and now a prequel for the same is on its way. Earlier this month it was confirmed that the filming of this spin-off series has begun in the northern parts of Ireland and the cast along with some minor details about the show was also revealed over the HBO’s website-

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    The internet was being flooded with pictures of the areas where the production of the series is being started. But all that we know about this show is that it is said to have been set a thousand years before GOT, and would be based on the history of Westeros and the origin of the white walkers. The fans are developing theories and are trying to know more about the show but yet there has been no confirmation even regarding the name of the series.

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    Earlier, George R.R. Martin suggested the name “The Long Night.” However, this name has already been used as the title of the third episode of GOT’s final season. Hence, it could not be used as the name of the prequel. But recently a fan site named “watchers of the wall” revealed a name that could be the name of the show. They posted an image, something that looks like the front page of the script of this prequel with the name written as “BloodMoon.”

    Although nothing has been officially confirmed it is possible that this could be the name and logo for the show as it is related to the various themes of George R.R Martin’s novel  A song of ice and fire, on which the Game of Thrones is based on.