Get ready to witness The god of thunder’s (Thor) actions yet again.


    Yes, great and exciting news for the marvel fans Thor 4 is on the way and with the director Taika Watiti again.

    Image Credits: The verge

    Thor the God of thunder

    Thor is one of the most beloved characters played by Chris Hemsworth. And it is the only character to get a 4th single line movie. Though some people consider Captain America: Civil War as the 4th edition for both Captain America and Iron Man, many deny it. Taika Watiti who directed Thor Ragnarok directing the 4th sequel which made the news more exciting, the previous ones were directed by Alan Taylor and Kenneth Branagh. Among the three Thor Ragnarok gained massive success worldwide.

    Marvel had put aside it’s making of “Akira” the life in action for Thor 4. Some of the works of Taika apart from Thor are “ Hunt for the wilder people,” “ What we do in Shadows,” etc. Thor 4 is going to be a part of Marvel phase 4, along with the black panther sequel, black widow standalone movie, etc.

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    What could the audience expect?

    In the last standalone movie of Thor, we saw the destruction of Asgard, where his evil sister Hella does, and Thor takes all the Asgardians to Earth to make a new shelter. So we could assume a whole new environment for the Asgardians, and maybe a love interest to put a smile on the handsome Chris Hemsworth face.

    With expectations are some questions too, like how will we see Thor the same overweight as the endgame or all fit and handsome as the previous ones. Who could be the next villain? Various names come into mind once we think about the villain, Ulik, Gorr the God Butcher, Enchantress, Mephisto, etc. Among these, some have played a crucial role in opposing Thor while some haven’t so we could see a battle again maybe. And about Loki, though he was dead in the previous Marvel movie, we could still expect him.