Gloria Vanderbilt Left Almost Everything For Her Son After Death


    Gloria Vanderbilt, who died last month has left almost everything after her for her son from fourth marriage Anderson Cooper, who is a CNN TV anchor.

    Gloria Laura Vanderbilt who died at the age of 95 on June 17, 2019, was an artist, actress, a fashion designer, author and even an heiress belonging to Vanderbilt family. Born on February 20, 2019, in Manhattan to Reginald Claypole  Vanderbilt with his second wife, Gloria Morgan. She became heiress with her half-sister and got $5 million (today $71 million) as half the amount when her father died due to cirrhosis. When she was 18 months old.

    Later her paternal aunt demanded her custody explaining that Gloria’s mother is an unfit parent. She won the case, and after that, Gloria started living with her aunt.

    Her Career

    At the age of 15, she became a fashion model in Harper’s Bazaar. Then started her own fashion business with Glintex and displayed paintings of her line of scarves. After that, her embroidered signature jeans with swan logo became a significant hit in customers. Because of its a perfect fit which was launched by Murjani Corporation.

    Finally, Jones Apparel Group took the rights for all dresses, jeans, accessories, etc. in 2002, which made Gloria a net worth of $200 million today. Her works are not only in fashion designing but also in writing novels, memoirs, art, and home decors too.

    Gloria’s Death

    She died at her home on June 17, 2019, in Manhattan, the cause is unknown. She was buried next to her son Carter who committed suicide at the age of 23 and her last husband, Wyatt Emory Cooper.

    When speaking on the radio, Anderson Cooper told that he was unaware of the estate and inheritance her mother left for him. “My mom’s made clear to me that there’s no trust fund,” he said. But on 2nd of July, it came into light that Vanderbilt left almost for his son Anderson.