Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo reveals shocking details about the show


    Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo has some thoughts about the longest-running medical drama series. In a shocking revelation of details, Pompeo revealed that the show was a disaster for the first ten years. Pompeo also talked about the gender wage gap in Hollywood.

    Credits: Vulture

    Speaking on Variety for Actors on Actors, Ellen Pompeo stressed about the importance of pay equality. She revealed that she was often less than her male counterparts on Grey’s Anatomy. She also explained that the show’s working environment was “toxic” for the first ten years. Pompeo was determined to change things for the better.

    However, some fans were upset at Pompeo’s comments about Grey’s Anatomy. They felt that Ellen Pompeo’s comments were negative. She was slammed by fans on social media who felt that her comments were aimed at the characters. Pompeo then took to Twitter to clarify that none of her comments were aimed at the characters.

    “ Hey! Anyone having feelings over Variety piece. It’s not worth getting yourself upset over not singling anyone a show we all had a part to play in the environment me many workplaces do..We changed that story. That’s the story we all have the power to change!” she commented on Grey’s Anatomy.

    “I’m aware how much love there is for this show and these characters…no one has more love than me..I’ve dedicated half my life to it. The show has been a blessing for us all in different ways. The negative vibes…not healthy….” She continued about the show.

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    After Patrick Dempsey’s departure from Grey’s Anatomy, many were of the opinion that the show could not go on. That was however proved wrong when Pompeo took charge of the show well beyond its eleventh season.

    “Patrick Dempsey left the show in season 11, and the studio and network believed the show could not go on without the male lead. So I had a mission to prove that it could.” Ellen talked about the problems she faced on Grey’s Anatomy.